If you’re like me when it comes to your beauty and most likely you are, you don’t want to spend over an hour or a day in front of your mirror apply your makeup. Who has the time? Our time is important. So ladies, I want to make your beauty like easier!

Before applying your foundation you were probably taught that you need to layer your skin with all kinds of other products to achieve that flawless face. The perfect fluffy dewy all day luminous glow, right? Well…you don’t!

Your beauty life is about to get a little easier using less products and saving you time and coin.

Truth or myth?
Myth. You don’t need a primer if your foundation does its job! Skip the primer.

Truth or myth? I plead the fifth on this.  Hydrating Oils.  This is another expense. If you have normal to dry skin you should look for an hydration foundation that contains hyaluronic acid along with anti-aging ingredients moisturizers and conditioners. Stay away from a matte especially if you have dry skin, it will just age you! If you can’t find a foundation out there that can do it’s job and hydrate you then you may need to face the oil.

Truth or myth? Myth. Luminizing Primers. I don’t think you need them. You can find a foundation out there that gives you enough dewiness and is especially infused with light reflecting minerals so you can achieve a natural luminous glow that’s last all day.

Truth or myth? I plead the fifth on this as well. Although very good for your skin you can find a foundation out their that should give you plenty of moisture. If not, go ahead and use your serum.

Truth or myth? Truth. Your sunscreen is very important. I use one before I apply my foundation. Did you know your sunscreen can act like a primer? That’s what I use instead of a primer. There are two kinds of sunscreens, a physical sunscreen which is a natural sunscreen and a chemical sunscreen. With the physical sunscreen you can apply and go that’s the one I use. The chemical sunscreen you have to wait before you go outside it needs time to work. Some women can be allergic to sunscreens. Find the one that works for you. Very important.

Setting powder My skin is dry so I skip the setting powder I don’t need it. If you have oily or combination skin, yes you need a setting powder. Normal skin well, it’s totally up to you. If you can’t live without a setting powder they do have setting powders now with hyaluronic acid which is a little more moisturizing.

So there you have it. Listen to your skin! There are foundations available that don’t have to make you work so hard.

I think you and your face will appreciate the less is more factor.